Promote Grocery Items That Haven't Been Selling Well


If you own and operate a small independent grocery store and stock several products that haven't been selling lately, one of the reasons may be due to the items not being advertised in an effective manner. The tips below will assist with promoting the items that have been overlooked and may help you increase sales on a routine basis. 

Set Up Display Boxes

Select the products that you would like to promote and move them to the front of the grocery store. Purchase plastic or cardboard display boxes from a company that sells promotional items and place the products inside of them. Display boxes that have bold lettering, bright colors, and pictures printed on them will catch the eye of each person who passes by and may inspire some of the shoppers to select some of the items.

Make sure that you clearly display how much the products are being sold for by securing a large cardboard or plastic sign across the front of each display box. If the display boxes help you unload some of the products, consider purchasing additional display boxes for seasonal items or other products that haven't been as popular as some of the other items that you sell in the store. 

Offer Samples

If some of the items that you want to promote are food products that can be consumed right from the package, open a couple packages and place the contents on trays. Candy or snack items are products that many people may be interested in sampling.

Set the trays of candy boxes up on a counter that is located near the front of the store. Ask one of your employees to stand or sit near the samples and offer them to people as they enter the grocery store. The employee should provide customers with the name of the product that is being offered and the ingredients that are in it so that people can decide if they would like to take one.

Reduce Prices And Give Coupons

If you haven't reduced the prices of some items in a long time and these always seem to be the same products that seldom sell, consider drastically reducing the price of the items for a couple weeks. If people are satisfied with the reduced savings and are encouraged to purchase some of the items, give the customers coupons for future purchases so that the people will be likely to purchase the same products the next time that they shop at your grocery store. 


8 December 2017

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