Four Reasons Why You Should Use Residential Steel Framing In Your Next House


Residential steel is changing the way you build a house. This type of steel creates a solid framework around which a house is built, which removes the need for any wood beams and posts. It clearly provides several benefits, all of which amount to reasons why you should use residential steel framing the next time you build a new home for yourself.

Residential Steel Is HUD-Approved

HUD is the government organization of Housing and Urban Development. This particular organization has looked at ways in which homes could be best reinforced and withstand dozens of situations, from wildfires to tornadoes. Steel framing can do just that, which is why it gets HUD's seal of approval. Additionally, if you ever choose to sell your home, and the buyer is looking to buy a HUD-approved house, your home has a head start on the qualifications.

Residential Steel Is Earth-Friendly (or at Least, Tree-Friendly)

It takes at least several dozen trees to make the posts and beams needed to construct one house. That is a lot of trees cut down for any human to have an abode. If you are ultra-concerned about saving trees and want a more earth-friendly approach, residential steel is the solution. Significantly fewer trees are used to build a house that already has a steel framework. If you can save twenty trees by using steel in your home, why would you not?

Neither Earthquake, Nor Fire, Nor Hurricane...

Residential steel is exceptionally strong. That goes with the territory of being steel. In the case of a residential steel framework in a house, the windows, the doors, the roof and even the siding and interior wall materials could be stripped away, but the frame of your house would still stand. That goes for hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and even earthquakes.

From that frame, you can easily rebuild your home just as it was, or add to it since the rest was ripped away and the steel frame revealed. (It is easier to add onto a bare steel frame when it is exposed than when it is covered by other building materials. Ergo, you could actually take advantage of a natural disaster by constructing additions to your home and reorganizing the floor plan.)

Residential Steel Improves Home Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Almost nothing can pass through steel. The steel framework on your home can prevent the loss of heat or cooled air. That makes this product a plus in the heating and cooling efficiency column. Contact a company, like Magna Steel Sales Inc., for more help.


16 December 2017

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