Are You Into Canning? Why You Should Purchase A Seamer


Canning food can be an enjoyable and beneficial pastime. It's reassuring to know that you always have a personal food supply on hand should something happen and you're unable to get food from outside sources. If canning is an activity which was passed down to you from a parent or grandparent, you might be used to utilizing a manual canning method. If this is the case, it's time to take things up to the next level. A seamer can be a wonderful addition to your canning routine. Keep reading so you can see why.

Seamers Keep More Bacteria Out

The whole purpose of canning food is so that it will be well-preserved. It just wouldn't be profitable for you to take the time to can all those delicious vegetables that you grew, only to go back and open the can and find that bacteria has invaded the contents.

Keeping bugs and bacteria out of your jars can be difficult when you're simply relying on your own strength to seal things up. A seamer creates that airtight finish which keeps more of these sorts of items from getting into your stash. You'll find that your food starts to remain edible for much longer than it did when you used manual techniques to close up your jars.

Seamers Prevent Those Nasty Leaks

If you've turned canning into a business, you likely have customers far and wide. This especially applies if you've created a virtual storefront. People all across the country can go to your website and place orders for your canned goods.

When it's time to ship everything out, it's vital that you find a way to prevent leaks during the transporting process. Customers won't be too thrilled if they excitedly open up their boxes only to find that there are remnants of each jar splattered all over the package. 

Do your part to prevent this from happening by purchasing an angelus seamer. As long as you bundle the jars with the right packing supplies, the entire haul should arrive at its destination without any of the jars springing a nasty leak.

Seamers come in many different sizes so no matter whether you're working in a small kitchen, an outdoor garage or you've rented out factory space, you should be able to find the seamer that will be able to pump out the perfect number of completely sealed jars in no time flat.


7 January 2018

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